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Healing Balm - Rosemary Mint
Healing Balm - Rosemary Mint
Healing Balm - Rosemary Mint
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Healing Balm - Rosemary Mint

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Our rich and soothing Healing Balms with Tea Tree and Neem are crafted to leave your skin feeling soft and velvety smooth for hours and are intended to bring relief to those suffering from common skin conditions like dermatitis (eczema) and psoriasis.

Our Healing Balm can be used as an all-over moisturizer but was designed to tackle extra dry and even cracked skin. Use on your hands, elbows, knees and feet. It’s also perfect for cuticles.

And a little definitely goes a long way. Simply rub a small portion of our Healing Balm directly on areas of dry skin or place a little between your palms, rub together vigorously to melt the balm into a butter-like consistency and apply as needed.

After applying the Healing Balm you’ll likely notice how rich it feels on your skin. The beeswax in our Healing Balm creates a smooth, protective layer helping to prevent evaporation and promote absorption of its nutrient-rich organic oils: Shea butter, unrefined Avocado oil and Coconut oil.

Neem oil is also a magnificent ingredient with numerous benefits. It contains vitamin E and has essential fatty acids known to soothe irritation, protect the skin, reduce inflammation and speed wound healing.

We’ve also included 100% essential Tea Tree oil, which is known to have antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral and anti-fungal properties to provide a wide-range of benefits.

Ingredients: Shea Butter*, Beeswax*, Avocado Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Neem Oil*, 100% Essential Rosemary, Peppermint and Tea Tree Oils

*Certified Organic


  • 2 oz

    "I wanted to share a story with you. My dad has many health issues including plaque psoriasis. This causes his hands and feet to literally crack open because the skin is so dry and tight, this causes him much pain. I didn’t realize how bad it had become. He’s tried so many items including prescription lotions and nothing works. Yesterday I took him what I had left of my Adalwulf Healing Balm. He was almost in tears because it hurt him so much when I massaged in the balm. He wasn’t even able to close his hands around a glass because the skin has become so tight and brittle. Today he was almost in tears because he can actually open and close his hands without pain. The skin is softer and more flexible. He said nothing has ever helped before. I just wanted to pass this on and say thank you! Your healing balm has made a life-changing difference for my dad! And now I’m in tears!"

    ~ Kristi


    “I've been a real heel lately when it comes to caring for my heels. I ignored them this summer and they paid me back by developing sharp barbs that were catching on my sheets and clothes. Three days ago I reached for my Healing Balm and rubbed it into my feet. Oh my, did that feel good. After three days, the barbs are gone and my feet are nice and soft. The product works right into the skin and is not at all greasy. Why was I such a heel to my poor feet? Never again!”

    ~ Charlene


    “My husband cannot live without this stuff [Healing Balm]! He used to have dry, itchy feet. Since adding this to his nightly routine his feet are smooth and no longer itchy. We would definitely recommend this product.”

    ~ Renee


    “I love this product [Healing Balm]! I actually use it as a face moisturizer, when my skin needs a pick me up. I'll put it on at night, and my face is even, glowing, and supple in the morning!”

    ~ Brianna


    "Wow! I was gifted the Adawulf skin salve [Healing Balmfor the eczema on my hands. Though it does appear to show some improvement I had it in my purse on a very muggy, raining on and off day. My hair was a frizzy, dry -- a mess, after it was rained on. When my hair dried I decided to rub just a little bit of salve to the frizzy and puffy areas, it worked almost like a nourishing pomade or a serum! Thicker than a serum of course, but it definitely tamed my unruly hair and smelled delightful! End of day my hair is not oily and feeling much softer. Of course a little goes a long way, I started off with a tiny bit and increased the amount little by little as not to over do it and just rub the rest into my hands! This product is brilliant to use from head to toe!"

    ~ Martha

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