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There's no bigger compliment than a thoughtful review from a customer. We truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Customer Reviews

“Thank you for your great products! I just started using your Hair Serum as my once lovely hair is showing its age. I use it before I wash my hair, wait 15 minutes and wash hair as usual. The difference was immediate. (My hair is straight not needing taming) Clearly my hair needed nutrition! Thanks for your brilliant foresight and potion skills!” ~ Pam D

“This [Joint & Muscle Salve] is an incredible product. I have seen it take pain away from just about any musculoskeletal issue, even when there is an alignment problem. Hands down, it cannot be beat, especially by all the CBD's on the market. This should be your first and only choice.” ~ Beth

“I ordered some wonderful goodies and received the Lemongrass Eucalyptus Room & Body Mist as a gift. It’s amazing! All of their products are amazing! Thank you so much! You’ve got a customer for life.” ~ Melissa

“Absolutely thrilled with the Foaming Hand Soap! I will tell everyone I know! It’s wonderful to find such a high-quality product that is natural. I have Cancer and this is especially important to me!!!” ~ Debby

“This Hand and Body Lotion is da bomb! My skin adores it. Fantastic ingredients, smells heavenly, great consistency, my skin looks amazing, makes me feel pretty! Do yourself a favor and buy it.” ~ Melinda

“I love the Lavender Mint Mist. I spray it on my bed at night, in any of my rooms, and sometimes even on my face. It is very relaxing and calming. I just love this spray so much. It produces good vibes!” ~ Lora

“I've been a real heel lately when it comes to caring for my heels. I ignored them this summer and they paid me back by developing sharp barbs that were catching on my sheets and clothes. Three days ago I reached for my Healing Balm and rubbed it into my feet. Oh my, did that feel good. After three days, the barbs are gone and my feet are nice and soft. The product works right into the skin and is not at all greasy. Why was I such a heel to my poor feet? Never again!” ~ Charlene

“I love this product [Healing Balm]! I actually use it as a face moisturizer, when my skin needs a pick me up. I'll put it on at night, and my face is even, glowing, and supple in the morning!” ~ Brianna

“Delightfully pleased with the size of the Smudge. I chose lavender and love it. Actually I have been extremely pleased with every product I have purchased from Gruene Witch Apothecary. Great products, great people. Thank you for being you.” ~ Christine

“This stuff [Joint & Muscle Salve] is Amazing!! Works wonders and it only takes a small amount in order to get results. Thank you for creating this wonderful product ❤” ~ Laura

“My husband cannot live without this stuff [Healing Balm]! He used to have dry, itchy feet. Since adding this to his nightly routine his feet are smooth and no longer itchy. We would definitely recommend this product.” ~ Renee

“I love the Foaming Hand Soaps. I’ve tried the Rosemary Mint & Five Thieves – both wonderful. Looking forward to trying the rest!” ~ Mel

“I too love the Joint & Muscle Salve. Used it for my trigger finger originally and loved it. Since hip replacement and elbow surgery I use it for muscle pain in thigh and it never lets me down. My biggest challenge? Remembering to put it on!” ~ Mary Lou

“I’ve now tried the New Moon Anti-aging Moisturizer, the Anti-aging Night Cream, Witch Hazel Toner and Hair Serum. I love these products and will be ordering online since I live in east Texas. I found these great products in New Braunfels and am so seldom in the area.” ~ Tina

“I’m in love with the Coffee Facial Bar! The Wassail & Balsam Handcrafted Soap bars are great as well. Can’t wait to try more of their wonderful fragrances! Never thought I’d be so obsessed with bar soap, lol!” ~ Melissa

“Definitely get the Harvest Moon if you are an Autumn lover such as myself. It is amazing, I can't tell you how many compliments I have had on the scent. Will become a repeat buyer!” ~ Heather

“Visited the Gruene Witch Apothecary stand at the New Braunfels Farmer's Market this weekend and purchased the Summer Splendor Organic Herbal Tea blend. Just got to make my first cup tonight and it is amazing! Very comforting, light and almost fruity (very slightly tart) with an absolutely beautiful and deep rose color. She recommended drinking it cold but fixed it as a hot tea tonight and simply love it, although I will be trying it over ice soon. I usually drink local honey with hot teas, but I didn't even want to add any to this blend. Will definitely be purchasing more!” ~ Liz

“Absolutely loved these products! Perfect combination. The Witch Hazel Toner felt so good I wanted to just keep applying it, lol! The moisturizer makes my face & neck look and feel so soft! Dark Detox Handcrafted Soap rocks! Lip Balm is amazing! I felt like I had just gone to the spa but instead only spent 1/2 the time! Thank y’all for your wonderful products!” ~ Debi

"Wow! I was gifted the Adawulf skin salve [Healing Balm] for the eczema on my hands. Though it does appear to show some improvement I had it in my purse on a very muggy, raining on and off day. My hair was a frizzy, dry -- a mess, after it was rained on. When my hair dried I decided to rub just a little bit of salve to the frizzy and puffy areas, it worked almost like a nourishing pomade or a serum! Thicker than a serum of course, but it definitely tamed my unruly hair and smelled delightful! End of day my hair is not oily and feeling much softer. Of course a little goes a long way, I started off with a tiny bit and increased the amount little by little as not to over-do it and just rub the rest into my hands! This product is brilliant to use from head to toe!" ~ Martha

"I have had severe plaque psoriasis for years. I've tried pills, shots, creams, UV treatment, and nothing helped. My family and I found Gruene Witch Apothecary at the farmers market in New Braunfels. I talked with Paula about my skin and if she had anything that might help. She immediately suggested their Wound Care Salve and explained all about the herbs she puts in it and what they do. A few days after using it I was almost cleared of my plaques and now after a few weeks I can confidently say that this has been the most effective thing I have ever used for my psoriasis. I can also vouch for their soaps and my wife loves the essential oils. If you ever get a chance to visit them I would highly recommend!" ~ Alex T

"I just want to let you know how much the items I first purchased from you have helped me. I met you at the market in New Braunfels. The Joint & Muscle Salve is helping me to sleep thru the night until I have rotator cuff surgery. Oh, but the Wound Care Salve is the very best. I deal with cracks on my thumbs that can be quite painful. I use a dab of the salve a few times a day. I have not needed to bandage either of my thumbs since the first day. Sorry I do not use social media, but I wanted to let you know how much relief your products have brought me. Thank you!" ~ Noreen

“I bought a Ho Wood & Rose Handcrafted Facial Bar and a Frankincense & Rose Toning Hydrosol from you a few weeks ago at the New Braunfels Farmers Market 'cause I was diagnosed with heat induced rosacea as a result of a medication I was taking. The dermatologist told me to take oral antibiotics for THREE months in combination with an antibiotic cream. Nothing was helping. About 6 days after using the facial bar and the spray my skin had completely cleared up. This stuff is amazing!” ~ Kellie


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